Save More: January Update

We are only two weeks into the new year and I’m kind of, sort of, already feeling guilty of not managing my budget well; in my opinion. I’ll expand on this further down in my post. Let’s start with how I arrived at this goal.

After binge watching Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and reading an article by Ann Patchett from The New York Times about “My Year of No Shopping“, I was inspired to really take control of my spending habits. Combining the “KonMari” and the inspiration from the article, I decided that the following would determine how I spend my money.

  1. For all beauty, skincare, makeup related items, I would not buy anymore products, or “refills” until I ran out of the product entirely. As in zip, zero, zilch left in the bottle, bag, container, etc. I am not a “YouTuber/beauty guru/influencer” who can justify having an insane amount of palettes, samples, and skincare items that have gone untouched.
  2. Clothing. I organized my closet according to the “KonMari” method, which meant stacking and folding every item of clothing. According to Marie, by stacking and folding your clothes, you’re able to see what you already have, thus avoiding buying duplicates. Therefore, I would try to avoid buying another pair of black jeans when I already have 4. If I were to buy any new clothes, it would need to “spark joy“.

Like I posted in “New Year Resolutions?“, one of the reasons why I’ve never been able to sustain a goal or resolution is because I’ve made them unattainable. I would cut myself off cold turkey from whatever goal I had made, and then wrack myself with guilt the minute I faltered the tiniest bit. 2019 is the year I’m trying to dedicate myself to saving more and spending less. Yet, here’s what I already spent. Oye….

  1. I am a planner addict. I love a good planner. Especially my planner; an Erin Condren. With an Erin Condren planner you can directly write on the paper like with any other planner. However, there are also stickers you can buy on Etsy with layouts for an EC planner, and this year, I’ve already bought two. This year. Not counting the 40+ kits I bought last year. He he he….
  2. I bought shoes. Below are a pair of Via Spiga Mary Jane pumps from last year and I bought the last pair on Ebay at 1am. Why? Well, you see, as I was scrolling on Instagram late at night, I saw a post from Jen Chae detailing her experience with the “KonMari” method. I couldn’t help but notice her shoes. I love “Mary Jane” pumps, have never owned a pair of MJ pumps, and to be honest this would literally go with everything in my closet. I also felt this burning desire to have it immediately, and the fire within me grew more and more with each passing moment thinking someone could take these shoes and I’d never have the chance to get them again. (This has happened to me before. I’d buy something essential like a tanktop, thinking I should get 3-4 of them, but I’d stop myself. Then, I’d wear the 1 that I have to death because it was so comfortable and versatile. Then, when it’s on its last life, I can no longer find something similar to them on the market, and the company has stopped making it.)
Via Spiga Deanna Mary Jane Pumps

This is in no way excusing my purchase, or blaming Instagram, or Jen, or any other influencer on social media for my spending habits. I have control over what I choose to purchase, and what I don’t. I am the one who has to learn restraint. I wanted to showcase the photo that sparked this frenzy in me (in a good way) to search for these shoes and purchase them. Yes, I felt incredibly guilty after confirming my order, and Snapchat-ted my best friend in a shame spiral. However, I think these are a few tiny things I decided to splurge on, and trying to cut myself off cold turkey from spending entirely in the first 2 weeks of 2019 is unreasonable. It’s unreasonable in thought and practice, but also for myself to try to maintain.

So, I slipped up these past couple of weeks and made some materialistic purchases. But, there are 52 weeks in a year, and perhaps for the next 50 weeks, I can do better at managing my impulse shopping. For the next 50, I have 50 chances to improve little by little, and work towards accomplishing this particular goal in 2019. Here’s to letting ourselves slip while still holding ourselves accountable, and learning from these moments.

xx – Hazel


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